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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Zespri 14 Day Kiwi Challenge

Friday (6 September 2013) @ 8.45am a special delivey arrived for me (I was expecting its arrival-however not so early). Myself along with 9 other bloggers have been chosen to participate in the ZESPRI 14 Day Challenge, hence the “special delivery”. By nature I am quite an inquisitive and impatient person, so I opened my parcel, pulled out all the wonderful goodies + a memory stick with info and instructions that I am suppose to follow + an envelope with some notes and more instructions + the goody bag of 28 Zespri Kiwis, and the long and short of this stroy is that I did not read the instructions first. All I was interested in was the bag of Kiwis, which perked my interest and looked like the best idea for breakfast –I opened the bag and chopped up 2 of them and *************** now you will just have to wait to see my creation, for now I am sharing pics of the special delivery and the contents goody Box!!!

These luscious fruit scores 3 times the Nutrient Adequacy of cranberries, melons, pomegranates and bananas and 25% more than papayas, now don’t let all this healthy info get to you–it really packs a punch of flavour as well!!





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  • Flee


    Thats Just Mean Usha… Tempting us with your excitement and fab pics and then telling us to wait for your creation… LOL… Rubbing hands in anticipation!!

    • 09/09/2013

      Sorry. Have you heard from Spekko yet??

      • Flee


        Morning Usha
        I have unfortunately not heard from them as yet??
        Sorry and Thanks

        • 10/09/2013

          Sorry i have sent them an email again

          • Flee


            Thanks so much Usha, Have an awesome day!!

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