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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Vegan Potato Salad

Been Missing – No Excuses!!!

My 1 sister and her husband have started adopting a vegan lifestyle – so the “tweaker in me got to work – no major creativity with this one – just plain and simple – when something is simple and packed with flavour – no need to get over creative.

It is a great alternative to the good old fashioned potato salad at any “braai” and makes for an excellent “carb substitute” with any leafy salad and there the list goes on as to how and when it can be added to your menu

No matter the simple ingredients and method – this dish is packed with the wonderful earthy flavour of cumin – comfort and flavour packed into one amazing tasty dish


Potato Salad

15ml coconut oil

5ml dry roasted cumin seeds (crush them a little bit)

4-5 curry leaves

1 green chilli (optional)

12 baby potatoes cut in half

75ml water

7ml lemon juice

7ml salt

25ml toasted sesame seeds (garnish)


  • Heat oil in a deep pan and add the cumin seeds, curry leaves and chilli
  • Turn down the heat and allow the above to cook for a few seconds before adding the potatoes and water
  • It should take about 20minutes for the potatoes to be cooked and soft – check them and if needed allow them to cook for a few more minutes
  • Stir well before seasoning with lemon juice and salt
  • Garnish with toasted sesame seeds – it is optional – but it also adds crunch and the health benefit
  • This salad can be served warm or chilled (personally I like it warm)





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