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Vegan Chocolate Cake (Again)

Baking and experimenting with recipes is an all-time favourite of mine – however it has always been challenging to bake and more importantly get it “right” when baking without eggs – and now it has all gone a step further – “vegan baking”. I have a few of my “eggless’’ recipes that I have been happy with – and I have kept the basics and then changed the flavours.

Likewise – I have been experimenting with “vegan baking” and posted a couple of recipes that I thought were good – but then I decided to “tweak” an eggless recipe and was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out and I had positive feedback from the vegans in the family and decided to share it here – I have posted a recipe for “vegan chocolate cake” previously – but I think this one is easier and much nicer and lighter

Vegan Chocolate Cake

250ml soya milk

25ml apple cider vinegar

100ml black coffee (made with good quality coffee)

185ml castor sugar

2.5ml baking soda

7.5ml baking powder

5ml vanilla extract or 7ml vanilla essence

125ml oil

350ml sifted cake flour

50ml good quality cocoa

5ml salt



  • Pour the soya milk into a mixing bowl – add the vinegar and allow mixture to stand for 2-3hours for the milk to curdle
  • Then and add the coffee and sugar – mix till the sugar is dissolved
  • Add the baking soda and baking powder and mix till the mixture froths up
  • Working quickly add the vanilla and oil and give it a quick good stir
  • And pour the soya milk mixture gradually over the sifted flour, cocoa and salt
  • Fold in thoroughly without over mixing and pour into your choice of prepared baking tin
  • Bake at 180 for 35-45 minutes
  • Once baked and cooled dust with icing sugar or make vegan chocolate sauce and pour over the cake or use coconut cream and icing sugar to make an icing



















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