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Umm Who Is The Winner Of The Spekko Hamper

Once again my mail box was flooded with entries–thank you all for taking the time to enter the competition.

Entry 1

However as with all competitions – there can be only ONE winner, therefore all the entries recived were marked with letters of the alphabet and a lucky one was pulled out

Pick A Winner 1


Winner Is?


Congrats 1


Goody Bag 1

Filled with a variety of Spekko rice from various rice fields around the world, and each of these varients of rice will have travelled from far and wide to grace your table.

Halima watch out for the Spekko Rice Truck!!!!

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  • 21/08/2013

    Congratulations to Halima. I tried to enter but twice my entry came back undelivered so not sure if it ever reached its destination….it said that the mailbox was full!

    • Halima


      Thank you so much Coleen, so Sorry you couldn’t enter as well. Hopefully next time.

      • 21/08/2013

        HI, i did get Colleens entries

    • 21/08/2013

      Hi Colleen, sorry about that not sure why it happened, but i did receive your entries

  • Halima


    WOW!! That’s so Amazing thank you so much Usha. Super Super Grateful! I can not wait for the delivery. (clapping hands gleefully lol). I do hope there is a bag of Basmati so that I can try your wonderful Independence Day Briyani. Thank you again

    • 21/08/2013

      CONGRATS–it was a lucky draw & yipee you were the lucky one. You are most welcome and the PR company for Spekko will be in touch with you, sent them your details early this morning

      • Halima


        Hi Usha

        I hope you are well today. I have tried to send you an email re the Prize mentioned above, and its delivery, but it reports as having bounced? I do know you said you were receiving emails even with the error message? Please could you let me know if you received my mail.

        Thanks Mills again 🙂

        • 30/08/2013

          Hi Halima

          Sorrry about the delayed response-i have been a way for a week. No i have not received your mail.
          Please re-send, i have cleared my mail box.



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