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Toasted Mix Veg Sandwich

I hear “Toasted Sandwich” and think-the ultimate comfort meal, me time, a good Bollywood movie, cup of chai and a nice blanket to keep me comfortable and warm on the couch in front of the TV – if only I could do this at least once every weekend???

Now when I think toasted sandwich I am not thinking about a cheese and tomato or the likes that are found in regular  restaurants or coffee shops and etc – I am talking about the “Mumbai Masala Cheese Toasted Sandwich”- oh yes Mumbai has an amazing culture of “road-side food vendors, and with an equally amazing menu comprising vada-pav, bhel puri, pani puri, sandwiches and the list is endless. I will at some stage do posts on all of the different types of street foods available on the streets of Mumbai.

The Bombay Masala Cheese Toasted Sandwich is a toasted sandwich made up of curried mash potatoes, some cheese and a very hot sauce that I am assuming is made with coriander, green chilli, lime juice and some spices. This filling and sandwich inspired me to create my own versions of fillings for toasted sandwiches and in the next few weeks I will share recipes for the various fillings that I have created. My filling of choice for today is mixed vegetables and this is an excellent way of getting the kids to eat their vegetables—you can disguise a whole host of vegetables in this filling and they will be none the wiser.

 Toasted Mixed Veg Sandwich

20ml cooking oil

1medium onion finely chopped

15ml cumin powder

10ml coriander powder

1 finely chopped green chilli

5ml ginger and garlic paste

125ml finely chopped potatoes

 500ml frozen mix vegetables

125ml finely chopped sprouts (optional)

30ml toasted sesame seeds

7ml salt (to taste)

5ml lemon juice

100ml finely chopped fresh coriander

125ml finely grated mature white cheddar cheese (optional)

6slices good quality whole wheat bread

30-35 ml butter/margarine (for toasting the sandwich)

Mix Veg 7



  1. Heat oil in a large pan and add the onions and cook till the onions are translucent
  2. Add the cumin and coriander powder, green chilli and ginger/garlic paste and allow to cook for a few seconds
  3. Lower heat, add the potatoes and mixed vegetables and allow this to cook for 10-15minutes
  4. Once the potatoes and vegetables are cooked, add the chopped sprouts and sesame seeds, season with salt and lemon juice and cook for a further 5 minutes ensuring to stir regularly
  5. Remove from heat and topple into a glass bowl, and while stirring add the grated cheddar cheese and coriander leaves
  6. Arrange slices of bread on bread board and spread some filling on one side of the bread and cover with another slice, if you prefer spread some butter on the outer slices and toast in a sandwich toaster or on a griddle pan
  7. These sandwiches can also be made and stored in the refrigerator and toasted just before serving
  8. For added flavour, spread a little butter once the sandwiches are toasted
  9. Serve warm with a green salad or with some freshly made chips and a glass of juice
  10. Kids will be only to glad to have this for lunch


T Sandwich 5

T Sandwich 7






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  • Flee


    Please pass me a slice of that, looks and I’m sure it smells amaaaaazing Thanks.. Dinner sorted.

    • 20/04/2013

      I wish i could–when you do make it let me know if you enjoyed it

  • 17/04/2013

    Sounds like a delicious sandwich, Usha! I am looking forward to your posts on the Mumbai street foods!

    • 20/04/2013

      It is & i have a few more sandwich fillings that i will be posting as well. I am also looking forward to my posts on Mumbai street foods–it has been so interesting researching and preparing it. Have a wonderful weekend

  • 20/04/2013

    This is a real meal Usha! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • 20/04/2013

      Thanks Tandy–we often have it for supper. We have a very wet Johannesburg–so going to spend the weekend at home, relaxing and catching up on watching some cricket. Enjoy your weekend

  • 01/05/2013

    Oh yes please!

    • 02/05/2013

      let me know when you poping in & i will prepare for you

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