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Still No News Of Pink

I know i have blogged about “Missing Pink” but I have still not seen her bloggs, if anyone has any new about her or if she is blogging under another name please do let me know

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  • Sous Chef


    I’ve seen her updating on Twitter so I know she’s fine, she’s just not blogging.

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Hi Sue

      Thanks for letting me know

  • Food24 Ed

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Thank you very much

  • I love cooking


    I spoke to her on Facebook a few weeks ago, asked why she is so quiet and she said she has Internet issues but will soon be active again, so you can relax dear Usha!

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Thanks Anne, i will try to chat to her on Facebook

  • mitzireddy


    I enjoy her posts and quizzes – miss them – hope she gets back to blogging soon. How are u, Usha

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Hi Mitzi, i am fine thanks and you, my next post was going to be “Missing MItzi” where have you been

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