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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Spinach Fritters

This is a very simple recipe – that was inspired by “Sibas Mfino Fritters” – I turned it and tuned to fit in with my ethos of vegetarian – and then I took it a step further and made it gluten free and vegan.

It gives me great pleasure in taking recipes and tuning them to fit in with being “Vegetarian & Vegan”, and now I am also experimenting with “gluten free” – never thought that my grandmother knew about it – as she used a vast range of flours that were all gluten free – I remember her pantry being full of various kinds of flours and lentils and grains and spices and the list goes on.

When I see new items on the shelves of major health stores and supermarkets – I think – ahh – I remember that from my childhood days – however my grandmother never gave us details of the health benefits – we were just told “eat it – it is good for you” and we (being us 4 sisters) never questioned her instruction – however if I did that today my sons, nephew, nieces and granddaughters will have a million and one questions – so I just say “gluten free or sugar free” and it is good enough for them – the circle of life and how western culture has influenced each and every one of us

Spinach Fritters

250ml chopped fenugreek herbs, chopped watercress herbs or shredded baby spinach

75ml chopped coriander leaves

5ml ground chillies

10ml grated ginger

25ml oil

20ml lemon juice

150ml cooked basmati rice

100ml chick pea flour

50ml black lentil flour

50ml white millet flour

10ml salt

2ml baking powder

For Frying

50ml cooking oil

5ml mustard seeds

10ml sesame seeds



  1. Place all of the above ingredients (till lemon juice) into a large mixing bowl and mix thoroughly
  2. Sift in the 3 types of flour, salt and baking powder and once again mix thoroughly – adding warm water if necessary
  3. Heat a flat frying pan with the 50ml oil – once the oil is hot remove from heat and add the mustard and sesame seeds
  4. Use a cover to ensure the seeds stay in the pan
  5. Place frying pan back on stove and heat pan to medium heat – shape the mixture into mini fritters and place on pan
  6. Allow the fritters to cook and brown slightly before turning over (the process should take around 5 minutes).
  7. Serve warm with a coriander and chilli sauce or some chilli infused yoghurt


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