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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Savoury Crumpet

Savoury Crumpets

I have no valid excuse for not creating a post in the last couple of weeks, however I have no clue as to how the day passes by and then it is over. I sometimes think I accomplished more in a day when I was employed full time than I do now. At the moment I am assisting my son and daughter in law with the “major renovations” to their new home. It is not easy for them as both have full time, stress full jobs in the corporate world, nonetheless the renovations are going well and I am sure the end product will be an amazing home for them and their brood of 2 cats and 2 dogs. I also spend a lot of time with my 2 nieces (3years & 20mths), they have brought so much joy and happiness to our family and it is wonderful to have girls in the family after my boys and my sister’s son. I always like to take them something when I visit, and my sister is trying to ensure they do not have too much of sweets, cakes and etc (they already do have a sweet tooth like the rest of us). The other day I decided to make them some pancakes and then I thought why not try a savoury version and substitute the cake flour with chick pea flour and that is how I created this dish, and I served it with plain tomato sauce for the little princess.

Savoury Crumpets

30ml oil

100ml water

125ml chick pea flour

30ml self raising flour

5ml teaspoon ginger & chilli mixture

2ml turmeric

3ml chilli powder (optional)

1 green chilli finely chopped (optional)

5ml crushed cumin seeds

5ml sesame seeds

5ml salt

2ml grated rind of a lemon

35ml chopped herbs (methi-fenugreek herbs) (you could use spinach, watercress or a green of your choice)

30ml chopped coriander

30ml finely chopped onions (optional)


  1. Heat oil in a small vessel and add the water to it (this will splatter a lot so be careful), once the water boils remove from heat and allow to cool completely
  2. Mix all of the other ingredients to form a ‘ crumpet’ like batter
  3. Heat a flat frying pan, spray with a non stick spray and cook like you would cook a crumpet
  4. Serve with a spicy tomato sauce and some vegetable pickles, or you could serve it with a salad as a light lunch



Comments: 9

  • rumtumtigger


    Lovely recipe Usha. It would be great for a light lunch *dashes off to go find chickpea flour* 😉

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods By Usha Singh


      Hi, & thank you, it is easily available at Indian grocery stores or Dischem

  • janicetripepi


    What a great idea Usha, I am way more into savoury dishes than sweet! I know exactly what you mean about have a few little prinesses around – I have boys and most of our friends all had boys so when I get a chance to play with a little ‘pink’ one, I can hardly contain myself xxxx Love this idea xxxx have a great day Usha xxxx jan

  • anel potgieter


    fabulous, I love it, gonna have to try it. am sure the little princess just loved it! x

  • 19/07/2012

    lovely pics and recipe, Usha – I am sure the children look forward to treats from you.

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods By Usha Singh


      Thanks Mitzi, yes they do, but more than that, they just wait for me to get there as they know “masi” does everything they want her to do, & i also treasure every minute spent with them.

  • browniegirl


    Fabulous recipe this….I love the flavour of methi. Tried to grow my own greens but they went mouldy. Must really try again. I look forward to being able to eat all sorts of things again. Hugs xx

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods By Usha Singh


      Thanks Colly, Methi is also a very good detox–rids the body of toxins. I grow mine in a small flower pot & i plant about a teaspoonful at time. it usually takes 3-4 weeks before they are ready. Feel better

  • 03/11/2012

    Wonderful article, I’ll bookmark Savoury Crumpets | Healthy Vegetarian Foods.

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