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Sabudhana Kitchdi (Tapioca Poke Bowl)

Ekadasi Info

Ekadashi – literally means the 11th day of the cycle of the moon – from the full moon and from the new moon – many Hindus regard these days as auspicious days to observe “Vrat”, a fast. This fast is observed from sunrise to sunrise and when observing a fast on this day you should abstain from grains, cereals, pulses, and certain spices. Tapioca and potatoes are allowed when observing this fast as they are not grains. The fast should ideally be observed by consuming milk, fruit, and nuts only, however lifestyle and rituals changed to suit lifestyles plays a big part in how we observe these auspicious days – mostly to suit us than to benefit from the original ritual.

Observing the fast aids: –

  • In reducing fat within the body – which otherwise makes one lazy, and induces sleep
  • You have a bit of extra time to perform some spiritual activity – thus benefitting your external and internal purity

Now the whole story above was just a little explanation about the recipe I am going to be sharing – it is packed with memories of my maternal grandmother who observed this fast religiously and we got to eat all the wonderful delicacies she made for “prasadham”, which means to offer the lord. My granny was a “Krishna”, devotee and almost always the “prasadham” she made was made using nuts and milk.

Maybe her age, illness and etc prevented her from having just milk and fruit – she always made a dish called “Sabudana Kitchdi”, which is a tapioca, potato, peanuts, and sesame dish, however, I make it without the potato and I make it as a comforting dish any day of the month or year. . It sort of envelopes me in her memories and her teachings – and for me, it is a go-to dish when I need her wisdom


Sabudana Kitchdi

250ml large tapioca pearls (sabudana) (soaked overnight)

45ml oil

7ml crushed cumin seeds

4-5 curry leaves – shredded

2-3 green chilies chopped

45ml powdered peanuts

45ml sesame seeds

45ml salted & roasted peanuts

45ml desiccated coconut

7ml salt

20ml lemon juice

45ml chopped coriander



  • Soak tapioca in room temperature water overnight
  • Heat oil in a medium-size flat vessel that has a lid
  • Add the cumin – stir and add the curry leaves and chilies
  • Stir well and allow chilies to cook before adding the powdered peanuts and sesame seeds – allow this to cook and stir continuously
  • Now add in the whole peanuts and desiccated coconut – stir well before adding the thoroughly washed and drained tapioca pearls
  • Stir well and season with salt and lemon juice – turn the heat down, cover the pan and allow to cook for about 10min – till tapioca is translucent
  • While cooking keep removing the lid and stirring – ensuring nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan
  • Once the pearls are translucent – turn off the heat – adjust the seasoning and garnish with freshly chopped coriander
  • Enjoy on its own or with a small dollop of yogurt – it is a bowl of comfort and nourishment in the palm of your hand

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