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Healthy Vegetarian Foods


My home has being going through a major renovation process for the last few months – being doing it in bits & bobs  while still living in it- and I am so looking forward to the new look and all of the builders leaving my home – so I can get back to doing what I so like doing – cooking & baking.

Diwali 2015 came and went (OMG – I had no kitchen), first time in forever I did not cook and bake up a storm. However I did go to my youngest sons (Sudheer) house (yes he moved out to his own home now – so I have been home alone with “empty nest syndrome”) and I made one mitai (sweetmeat). It just did not feel like Diwali – my home looked and felt like a construction site (well it has been), but the end result is going to be well worth it – that I know for sure

Like Diwali, Christmas & New Year have come and gone!! Thankfully the renovations are over (31st January 2016) and the last of the builders (invaders) have left and I have my home back – now all that remains is to decorate and add my personal stamp. For all this I have my amazing sons & daughter in law to thank – they are incredible in the way they spoil me.

And on the 17th January 2016 – I welcomed my second granddaughter – all are doing well and adjusting to each other and some routine.

Now I need to get into my kitchen and start creating some healthy dishes.

Watch this space – I will be back with some Healthy Vegetarian Goodies!!



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