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Poke Bowl

So I have taken the “poke bowl” and twisted it so that it suits my palate – and now I want to turn all my meals into my version of a “poke bowl”. I have to admit it is a wonderful idea and if you living on your own – voila!! Take your poke bowl dinner and have your dinner in front of the TV – enjoying your favourite programme and enjoying your meal – all the flavours and textures in every spoonful – Bliss!!

My famous quote “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, and for me “Necessity” has been the backbone behind most of my creations. Poke Bowls – sound divine – however it just does not cut it for me – I need to ensure I have the taste of all that’s on my plate in each spoonful or finger full.

Poke Bowl Salad (Serves 4)

10ml sesame oil

5ml sunflower oil

10ml sesame seeds

2.5ml mustard seeds

4-5 curry leaves

250ml sliced extra fine green beans

125ml chopped sugar snap peas

125ml sliced orange/any colour peppers

7ml salt

5ml sugar

5ml freshly ground black pepper

10ml lemon juice

250ml canned butter beans (drained & washed)

250ml canned black beans (drained & washed)

375ml cooked and cold basmati rice

20ml chopped coriander (optional for garnish)

50ml chopped peanuts (optional for garnish)


  • Heat oil in a pan and add seeds and curry leaves – allow mustard seeds to pop before adding sliced beans
  • Cook beans for a few minutes before adding the sugar snap peas and allow this to cook for a few minutes – adding 15-20ml water
  • Now add the sliced peppers and add season with salt, sugar, black pepper and lemon juice – toss well before add the 2 types of beans
  • Once again toss well – taste and add more seasoning accordingly
  • Now toss in the rice and delicately toss all the ingredients together – serve in empty coconut shells or bowls – can garnish with coriander and some chopped peanuts


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