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Philips HomeCooker Experiment Two

The Jamie Oliver Philips HomeCooker comes with a number of attachments, and yes very user friendly and useful attachments they are. I tried my steamed spinach rolls in the cooker and I went a step further by cooking my chick peas in the boiling water in the pot and the steamer attachment was on the top steaming my spinach rolls-to jobs done in one pot + attachment-not bad I would think. My steamed spinach rolls were done like this in the HomeCooker:-

Steamed Spinach Rolls (About 12 rolls)

125ml chick pea flour

125ml soya flour

3ml salt (to taste)

5ml turmeric powder

15ml crushed fennel seeds

150ml water (approximate)

30ml oil

15ml tamarind paste

10ml sugar

10ml ginger paste

45ml finely minced green chilli and mint paste

45ml finely chopped fresh coriander leaves

45ml sesame seeds

60 (approx) spinach leaves (Swiss chard or any big leafed spinach with the thick stalks removed)


20-25ml oil

15ml sesame seeds

25ml finely chopped coriander

20ml lemon juice



  • Place flours into a mixing bowl – add salt, turmeric and crushed fennel seeds and mix
  • In a measuring jug mix the water, oil, tamarind paste, sugar, ginger paste, minced green chilli and mint paste
  • Add the water mixture to the flour mixture to form a thick batter, add more water if necessary
  • Taste the batter and adjust seasoning and spices as per your taste, and then add the chopped coriander leaves and sesame seeds
  • Prepare the HomeCooker– add water to the pot and bring to a boil (no need for stirrer attachment here.
  • Sort the spinach leaves into 3 piles of similar sizes, using the largest leaf, spread some of the batter and top with another and spread more batter-use about 5-6 leaves and then roll up like a spring roll
  • Once all are done place on the steamer unit of the Philips HomeCooker – ensuring that you have lined it with a piece of aluminium foil before steaming for about 40 minutes
  • While I had my spinach rolls steaming—I boiled my chick peas in the simmering water below – so two “cookings” got done at once-however the chick peas needed to cook for longer than 40 minutes, but for me it was fine as I had another batch of spinach rolls to steam
  • Remove and allow to cool for a while and some of the spinach rolls can be frozen for another time
  • In a separate pan – heat some oil and add 15ml sesame seeds and about 25ml finely chopped coriander and allow to splutter
  • Pour the above sesame and coriander mixture and lemon juice over the steamed spinach rolls just before serving
  • To be able to prepare this without the HomeCooker, Click Here

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