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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Peas & Potatoes For All Seasons

“Peas & Potatoes”, is a simple vegan/vegetarian dish that can be prepared with the bare necessities, yet its flavor and wholesomeness tick all the boxes. The 3 vegetables that are available all year -peas, potatoes, and tomatoes – the rest of the spices are always in the “masala Dabba/spice tin”, and together they become this one pot of yumminess – it is as simple as that. The simple herbs, spices, and vegetables used to create this incredibly flavourful dish and it literally takes about 30minutes to prepare – 5min of your time (no need to peel the potatoes), and the balance of the 25minutes is covered by the “Insta Pot”, while you prepare something else or enjoy a cuppa.


Peas & Potatoes In The Instant Pot


15ml oil

7ml crushed cumin

3-4 curry leaves shredded

100ml finely chopped or grated tomatoes

5ml ginger paste

2-3 chopped chilies

5ml coriander powder

3ml turmeric powder

7ml salt

2 medium-size potatoes cut into 4 pieces each

250ml fresh or frozen peas

50ml water

20ml chopped fresh coriander to garnish

5ml crushed cumin for garnish



  • Using the sauté function heat oil in the “Insta Pot/Electric Pressure Cooker”, add cumin and curry leaves, and allow to cook for a few seconds
  • Add in the tomatoes and chilies – mix well and add in all of the spices till the salt – mix well and allow to cook for a minute or 2
  • Toss in the potatoes and mix well again – before adding the peas – about 50ml water can be added
  • Cancel the sauté function and choose pressure cook – place the lid correctly and set the time to 25minutes (to ensure you get your potatoes soft)
  • Once the pressure is released – open the pressure cooker – taste and adjust the seasoning – add more salt and maybe a dash of lemon juice and serve hot with roti, a slice of bread, rice, or all on its own with a dollop of yogurt


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