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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Peanut & Potato Salad

For the past few weeks, i have been posting recipes of “simply prepared vegetables” and therefore today i decided to share a recipe for a rather unusual and interesting dish, the Gujarati name for this dish is “Phali ni Kichdi”. It can be served as starter, or as a light lunch meal.

This dish is generally made by the Gujarati community on Ekadashi (11th lunar day of every lunar month in the Hindu calendar). There are 2 Ekadashis in a lunar month of the Hindu calendar, and people observe a vrat (Fast) on this day, whereby they abstain from consuming grains, beans, lentils, cereals and certain vegetables and spices. The preferred food consumed should be fresh and dried fruits, milk products, nuts and potatoes, hence the invention of this dish. Generally the fast is observed over period of almost 48 hours.

When i prepare this dish i am flooded with wonderful memories of my gran, she used to make this on a regular basis, as she was very religious and fasted regularly & this is all that she would eat on the days she fasted (Ekadashi). Unfortunately we do not observe this fast as regularly as she did, but we most certainly prepare this dish on a regular basis.

Peanut and Potato (Serves 4)

5 medium sized potatoes (peeled and chopped)

20ml cooking oil

5ml cumin seeds

35ml sesame seeds

30ml chopped coriander

5ml salt

2 green/red chillis chopped

½ cup water

150ml nibbed peanuts

10ml lemon juice

45ml chopped coriander



  1. Heat oil in a large pot and add the cumin seeds, chilli and sesame seeds and allow the seeds to splutter, now add the 30ml chopped coriander.
  2. Add the potatoes and water and allow to cook till potatoes are tender/soft.
  3. Once the potatoes are tender/soft add the peanuts, salt and lemon juice and switch the stove off.
  4. Garnish with 45ml chopped coriander and serve with a cucumber raita.


Cucumber Raita

250ml plain fat-free yogurt

45ml grated cucumber

5ml salt

5ml freshly ground pepper

3ml mustard powder

2ml sugar


  1. Mix all of the ingredients together and serve over the potatoes.



Comments: 8

  • Sous Chef


    This sounds lovely, do you roast the peanuts beforehand?

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Hi Sue, & thanks this is such a lovely dish. I do like to roast the peanuts, however if you don’t it will also be fine. My gran never roasted them.

  • mitzireddy


    lovely post, Usha and pic.

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Thanks Mitzi

  • I love cooking


    Yum! If I can choose my last meal on earth it would be something from the gloriously satisfying and colourful mish-mash realm of Indian cuisine.

    Mind you, being blond (we can’t say ‘no’, that is why we have more fun LOL), I may be pursuaded towards the more precise Japanese realm!

    Beaturtiful post, keep them all, they may make an excellent book …. Indian cuisine and traditions for Dummies! xxx

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Hi Anne, thank you very much & yes i treasure all of my recipes and traditional cooking methods and utensils.
      Have a wonderful week

  • pinkpolkadot


    Very interesting! The dish sounds wonderful!

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods


      Thanks Pink it is such a wonderful light meal, one of my all time favorites>

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