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Pasta Chakalaka

This “Pasta Chakalaka”, has been created by me – keeping in mind the famous South African dish – “Chakalaka”. As usual – keeping the basic ingredients in tact – I twisted, turned it upside down and then added my own touch to it, creating “Pasta Chakalaka”, and oh yes it does taste amazing and it has all that you need in one super-duper dish – carbs, protein and the veggies + plus the awesome flavor and taste.

Pasta Chakalaka (Serves 4)

20ml plain oil

5-6 curry leaves

50ml finely chopped onion

10ml ground fennel seeds

5ml grated ginger

100ml finely chopped tomatoes

1 can baked beans

100ml grated carrots

100ml grated zucchini

100ml frozen peas

50ml frozen corn

250ml cooked pasta

10ml salt

5ml freshly ground pepper

15-20ml lemon juice

25ml finely chopped coriander


  • Heat oil in a large pot – add the curry leaves, onion and fennel seeds – allow to cook till the onions are golden
  • Add the ginger – stir and then add tomatoes – stir cover with lid turn heat to medium and allow tomatoes to cook
  • Once tomatoes are dissolved add in the beans and veggies – stir well cover pot and allow to cook for about 10minutes on low heat
  • Lastly add the pasta – stir well and allow the pasta to absorb the flavours for about 5 minutes before turning the heat of – season with salt, pepper & lemon juice, before garnishing with coriander
  • Serve in bowls as a warm salad or as a “1 bowl meal”.

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