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No longer do you need to ponder over what to cook for dinner tonight. Here, you will find the right mixture of ingredients for healthy, tasty and easy vegetarian cooking.

Whether vegetables are part of a Meatless Monday initiative, or simply the food of choice, my passion lies in demonstrating to people that eating vegetarian meals need not mean eating bland, boring, or flavourless food.

If anything, cooking and eating vegetarian food is full of fun, that will creating dancing in your tum, leaving you feeling fabulous, once the meal is done.

Browsing through my blog, you will find many simple recipes packed with flavour, nutrition and texture, which will empower you to create amazing vegetarian dishes that will appeal to all of us that make up the melting pot of South Africa’s rainbow nation.

So what are you waiting for? Try out one of these basic recipes for your family and friends, and let us know how it went.


Happy cooking!