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Mille Fueile

Cooking is a great family bonding activity—yes that is challenge 4 of day of Day 4 of the Zespri 14-Day Kiwi Challenge-had this challenge been given to me 30years ago, I would have shared close on to a 1000pictures of close on to 90meals (30 days x 3 meals).

While growing up in Stanger north of Durban-our house was the food hub amongst family and friends. We are 4sisters and all of us ha our chores in the kitchen, however Saturdays was the very best as all 4 of us had to be in the kitchen preparing, cooking or clearing up, it usually started with breakfast, then lunch, then tea and invariably dinner – at the time all of us thought of it as punishment for being ‘daughters’, however now when I look back and remember those days – I remember them with fond memories and treasure them.

Somehow since the birth of 2 nieces (The Princess), my second sisters home has become the “food hub” amongst us sisters, and it is here that we are now perusing our bonding activity, and this time not just amongst us sisters, but with the nieces, nephews, sons, daughter-in-law, brothers-in-laws and any cousin that decides to drop by.

However today when making my Kiwi Mille Feuile, it was just me and the helper – and I shared my “Stanger Story” with her, and she was totally amazed at the ‘goings on’ of my childhood days


Mielle Fueile (Serves 4)

1 sheet of puff pastry (flat packed)

1 Zespri Kiwi (peeled & grated)

30ml icing sugar

2ml lemon zest

1 can whipped cream (you do not use the whole can)

25ml icing sugar (for garnish)

3 Zespri Kiwis (peeled & sliced for garnish)




  1. Cut pastry into desired shapes, ensuring you have 3 pieces per person and bake in a moderate oven till well puffed and golden brown
  2. Place the grated kiwi into a mixing bowl, add the icing sugar and lemon zest and mix thoroughly before squirting in about 125ml of whipped cream
  3. Very gently fold the fruit mixture into the whipped cream
  4. Once the pastry pieces are ready and cooled – start assembling the Mielle Fuelie onto serving plates
  5. Place a piece of pastry on the plate (if necessary peel the top layers of to give you space to fill in your fruit and cream mixture and on top of each cream mixture place a slice of kiwi – continue till you have competed all 4 servings
  6. Dust each serving with some sifted icing sugar, and garnish with a few slices of kiwi and a few squirts of whipped cream


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  • Rizwana


    Lovely story Usha….

  • 13/09/2013

    I see you are well into this challenge Usha!

    • 13/09/2013

      Hi Tandy-thanks i am trying

  • Flee


    Wow, what a fresh and “healthy” looking dessert, Will def try this for the next family gathering… Thnaks

    • 13/09/2013

      thanks Halima, however you have to eat as soon as it is assembled

  • 14/09/2013


    • 14/09/2013

      well I got a Thumbs up from my son–so i am sure it tasted good

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