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Kiwi-Plain & Simple

Today was day 6 of the Zespri Kiwi Challenge and thank the lord-the challenge was-“if you heading outdoors why not bring along some kiwi fruit with you? Just cut and scoop to enjoy the goodness of Zespri”

Well today there was no “mojo” in me to create some interesting dish-so this challenge was welcome and just what I needed. As usual I was up early-worrying about 1 son and daughter in law whose flight out of London was delayed by a day and the other who was going to take to “Jozi” roads with his bicycle and then it was also time to feed Duke (The real Duke of the house). Well Duke fed, birds fed and very unconsciously I took a kiwi-peeled it chopped it and stood in the garden with my PJ’s and chomped it and all this at 6.40am—now the fact that I chomped my kiwi outside in my garden surely complies with the challenge of the day—oh yes and I can assure you I enjoyed and yes came in took the second kiwi and chomped that as well.

So I had to peel a 3 third one late this afternoon so I could take some pictures ( at this rate I am going to have to buy more Zespri Kiwis to continue this challenge)—well yes I did try to make it a bit fancy-I used a pretty flower shaped bowl and then I found I had an exquisite fruit fork-also found a green melon baller to try and get some nice ball shaped Kiwis in my bowl—however when you look at my picture—no matter how many fancy utensils were used—the Zespri Kiwi is still the star of the show.


Kiwi-Plain & Simple

2 Zespri Kiwis (peeled and sliced or chopped or balled using a melon baller)

1 small serving bowl

1 fruit fork



  1. Place the chopped or sliced kiwis in a small serving bowl and using the fruit fork “TUCK IN”



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  • Flee


    LOL… Sometimes less is definitely better.

    • 16/09/2013

      Thanks–that is what i thought and felt at the time

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