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Kiwi, Pineapple & Carrot Cake

Here we are just a few hours from the end of oh the Zespri Kiwi 14-Day Challenge, yes it had been a challenge for me, but a challenge that I will truly treasure and keep close to me. These Kiwis and the daily challenges have given me the opportunity to push my creative boundaries to new limits and to increase my knowledge on the health and nutritional benefits of KIWI. As of the 9th September 2013 (when the Zespri challenge started) I have been eating 2 kiwi a day, in some way or another-however as of 23 September 2013, I am going to ensure that as long as kiwi is available in the stores I am going to eat least one of them every day—just on its own-peeled and chopped or sliced

Oh yes the Zespri 14 day challenge is over, but for me the Kiwi challenge still continues-I have a good few ideas that I need to experiment with. My Kiwi challenge to me is “how I can create more recipes with kiwi in its raw state-no cooking of any kind” Be rest assured as I create these recipes I shall be sure to share them on my blog.

Eating kiwi regularly for the past 14days, and researching its health and nutritional benefits has most certainly provided me with invaluable “healthy & nutritional knowledge” knowledge that I have shared and will continue sharing with you on my blog—“healthy-nutritional kiwi”—just fits into the message of my blog so very appropriately.

To round of the ZESPRI 14-DAY CHALLENGE, I will sharing a recipe for a Kiwi, Pineapple & Carrot Cake-oh and by the way this is an eggless cake-so healthy and vegetarian all in one and who said vegetarian has to be boring?


Kiwi, Pineapple & Carrot Cake

 250ml castor sugar

200ml oil

500ml cake flour

5ml bicarbonate soda

10ml baking powder

125ml grated kiwi

75ml grated pineapple

75ml grated carrot (this balances the acidity and tart taste of the kiwi & pineapple)

125ml buttermilk



  1. Using a hand held mixer, beat oil and sugar till thick and well blended
  2. Sift dry ingredients into mixture and mix well, before adding the grated, kiwi, pineapple and carrots,
  3. Slowly add the buttermilk so that the above mixture forms a thick batter
  4. Pour into well greased and lined baking pans (makes to 2 round or 2 loaf cakes_
  5. Bake at 180 for 35-40minutes-remove and allow to cool
  6. The cake can be iced with a mixture of cream cheese and icing sugar topped with few slices of kiwi and pineapple



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  • Flee


    You saving the best for last!! This looks like the best of the lot Usha, Yummy cake thanks

  • Gwen


    Yummy, I’m going to bake it now!

    • 24/09/2013

      thanks Gwen & let me know how it turns out

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