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Kiwi Jelly

Now for some real mind blowing information about the furry brown fruit that is known as KIWI-yes the Zespri Kiwi has 5 times the nutrition than that of an apple (“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”- does this really apply after learning all this nutritional information about a Kiwi?). I think why bother with an apple if you can eat an exotic fruit like the Zespri Kiwi-it is easier on your teeth (softer chew) and it tastes great—who knew eating healthy could be this tasty


I could write pages of info on the nutritional value of Kiwi, but I am not going to and instead I am going to share some web links so you can peruse them at your leisure.



Like I have said in a previous post-I am really blown away by the nutritional content of Kiwi, and seeing as Day 5’s challenge was to share the info about Kiwi being 5 times more nutritious than the apple I decided to create a recipe that was nutritious, tasty, healthy and all Kiwi—so I made a Kiwi jelly-I have to admit that I loved it-and I used agar agar instead of gelatine so it fits in with my blog policy of being totally vegetarian.


Kiwi Jelly (Serves 2)

125ml Zespri Kiwi puree

1ml lemon zest

3ml honey

5ml agar agar powder

15ml tepid water

20ml pomegranate seeds (optional for garnish)

20ml pomegranate juice (optional for garnish)

50ml finely sliced kiwis (optional for garnish)


  1. Pour Zespri Kiwi puree in a small pot and add the lemon zest and honey (the measurements for the lemon zest and honey can be adjusted to suit your taste
  2. Place the above mixture on low heat and allow it to heat up a bit (when using agar agar-ensure both mixtures are warm)
  3. In a separate pot, mix the agar agar and water-mix thoroughly ensuring that there aren’t any lumps
  4. Now heat the agar agar mixture on the stove and bring to boiling point before removing from heat, and while it is on the stove-ensure that you continue to mix so that no lumps form
  5. Mix the agar agar mixture with the Kiwi puree and once again place on the stove and heat till you notice that it is starting to thicken-turn the heat down and continue to mix
  6. Pour into a tray or bowl-note this jelly sets within 5minutes and it does not need to be refrigerated to set
  7. Serve with some custard or any which way you wish-it is ideal as health snack for kids and adults alike, and it is flavourful
  8. I served it garnished with some pomegranate seeds and juice and more chopped up Kiwi








Comments: 6

  • Nima burra


    Looks delicious.
    Going to try to make this tmrw

  • 14/09/2013

    YUM, Another delicious Kiwi recipe!!

    • 14/09/2013

      Thanks– i am trying

  • Flee


    This looks amazing. I so battle to find Jellies that dont have gelatine in so will def give this one a bash. Thanks Mills

    • 16/09/2013

      it tasted good as well and it is so healthy as well–because no added anything

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