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Kiwi For Breakfast

Mondays here, and a great way to chase those Monday Morning Blues-is to start your week with a Zespri Kiwi for breakfast-and since it is day 8 of the Zespri Kiwi Challenge, I had to take a picture of my breakfast and share with my readers. Now don’t go thinking this is how I serve myself breakfast in the morning-this was just for the photo shoot.

I normally have my breakfast in bits-while busy experimenting with a recipe, or while typing a recipe or while doing something around the house. Therefore when I prepared this lovely looking combo, I decided to sit outside with my IPad and have my breakfast.

Looking at my picture you will note that I have not mixed anything—yes I do not like my fruit, yoghurt and muesli all mixed up-because by the time it gets to me the fruit is not crunchy, the yoghurt is all over the muesli and everything loses its original flavour-hence my spread out platter.

There is no recipe for this breakfast dish, all you do is chop up a variety of fruits, spread them out on a platter, and add a small bowl of muesli and yoghurt and “Voila” you have tasty, crunchy and nutrition packed breakfast that would give you the “Oomph” to chase away any day blues or the nourishment you need to stay sustained till lunch.





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  • Flee


    Oh wow, you continue to put together these plates of Loveliness… MMm Hungry now thanks LOL

    • 17/09/2013

      Thanks–i trying

      • Flee


        You definitely succeeding… Num!!

  • 17/09/2013

    wow Usha, your photos are amazing – and you certainly have done well with posting every day!

    • 17/09/2013

      Thank you Tandy–i am trying my best to improve on my photos and somedays it workd in my favour sometimes not.

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