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Kiwi Chutney

Day 9 of 14days, oh my word where and how did the last 8 day go by-well I have no clue-all I can say is that I have had fun—fun the kind that kids have when playing with play dough-however I played with Zespri Kiwi Fruit. We were given 28 Kiwi fruit—which equated to 2 per day—I have to buy a few more to be able to continue with the challenge—many a times I used more than the allocated number of kiwis.

Yes I did create simple recipes using my Kiwis-but that is my point and how I like it – simple so others won’t think twice about following them, simple because you probably have all the ingredients at home, simple because I have explained the instructions carefully and most of all simple because I have tempted you to go into the kitchen and experiment. I created concoctions and dishes that I normally would not have dreamt of doing. Each days challenge was a piece of canvas for me to create a simple yet nutritious dish that would also tick all the right boxes for the challenge.

For me creating each recipe, involves quite a bit of research, and this is what I enjoy most-preparing an informative blog post – working with the Zespri Kiwis was a major learning kerb for me and I really thought I was doing a “Fair” job and I also thought the recipes I created thus far were interesting enough, but my son obviously did not think so as he told me “are you not going to create some interesting dishes” and I thought “oh my word what did you think I have been doing these past 9 days”-well I guess he was not impressed enough-but that is how kids are (my kid that I am referring to is close onto 31years old).

My shopping list is getting a complete overhaul for future shopping expeditions – I think to myself why would I want to eat boring fruits like bananas and apples when I can eat the exotic kiwi—and the ‘cherry on the top’ is I don’t have to feel guilty because it is lower in calories-lots more nutrition-so I would not be right in my head if I did not feast on Kiwi in future.


 Kiwi Chutney

250ml peeled and grated Zespri Kiwi

125ml tightly packed dhania (coriander) leaves

7ml grated ginger

1 chopped green chilli (optional)

5ml sugar

5ml salt

10ml lemon juice

50ml ground peanuts

50ml desiccated coconut

25ml water (if required)


  1. Pour the grated kiwi into the bowl of a food processor and add the dhania (coriander) leaves, grated ginger, chilli, sugar, salt and lemon juice
  2. Pulse the mixture a few times to get a rough paste, then increase the speed and process till everything is well blended
  3. Lower speed and slowly add the ground peanuts and desiccated coconut and if necessary add some water and process till well combined
  4. Adjust the seasoning as per your personal taste- ( generally add a little more lemon juice and chilli)
  5. This is another versatile chutney that can be used to serve a number of snacks – you can take about 2 tablespoon of the chutney and mix into some low fat cream cheese and use as a spread on your grilled vegetable sandwich
  6. Serve with roast potatoes, samoosas, spring rolls and etc.
  7. This chutney can also be frozen



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  • Flee


    OOOhhhh, made some samoosas the other day and think they would go great with this chutney… Thanks Usha

    • 18/09/2013

      they would let me know how it goes if you do try it

  • 18/09/2013

    What a clever use of the kiwi!

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