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Khichdi – the Gujju comfort meal that just cannot be refused by anybody, and it can be transformed and tweaked in numerous ways – but it still has the ability to let its golden yellow colour mesmerise one and all.

This recipe is for a simple “Khichdi” that can be enjoyed as is or with the addition of a side of tomato and onion chutney – and you have a bowl of flaming red chutney with a sparkle of the golden yellow rice in the palm of your hand to enjoy, indulge and be comforted with from within.

There are so many ways to transform and tweak this simple bowl of yellow gold goodness – fry up some onions & mustard seeds (preferably in ghee/clarified butter) and pour over your khichdi, cook your golden yellow rice with a few green veggies and you can experiment all you want – but keep the golden yellow rice as your staple.

Kichdi Poke Bowl

250 ml mixed split lentils (mung, red, black lentils) soaked overnight

30 ml cooking oil/ 15ml ghee

5 ml mustard seeds

5 ml cumin seeds

5 ml coriander seeds

4-5 curry leaves

5 ml turmeric powder

250 ml basmati rice (washed)

30ml finely chopped coriander

7 ml salt (or to taste)

10 ml lemon juice

10ml ghee/clarified butter (optional)


  • Heat oil and add seed spices + curry leaves – stir well so mustard seeds pop and spices release their flavor
  • Now add the washed lentils and 250 ml water to allow this to cook for about 5-7minutes
  • Add more water if necessary and allow lentils to cook till they are tender
  • Add the turmeric powder and rice – mix well – lower heat – and add more water if necessary – remembering all the water needs to be absorbed by rice and lentils – rather add a bit at a time
  • Allow this to cook for about 8-10 minutes before adding coriander and seasoning with salt and lemon juice
  • When kichdi is ready – serve with a drizzle of ghee (added indulgence) or with a veggie curry of choice
  • Or serve with Kadhi and potato/alloo fry


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