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Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)

In my opinion Kheer has to be the greatest Rice Pudding in the world, it is a dessert that is available internationally and combines the cooking traditions of Asia, Middle East and the Western World. The Western Worlds rice pudding has its origins in Kheer as it is known in Northern India and Payasam as it is known in the Southern parts of India, Sticky Sweet Rice with fruit that is available all over the Far East, and in the Middle East there is a long tradition of rice and milk desserts. Kheer with its sweet and pungent flavours like many other dishes in India cuts across the barriers of religion, caste and language to unite people. Hindus, Muslims and Christians, all celebrate their respective festivals, religious ceremonies and special occasions with Kheer.


1 tablespoon ghee

½ cup milk

½ cup basmati rice

1 cans low fat Ideal Milk

1 can condense milk

¼ teaspoon saffron strands

1 ½ teaspoon elachie (cardamom powder)

¼ cup flaked almonds

¼ cup sliced pistachios

3 tablespoon coloured slivered almonds for garnish


  1. Using medium heat and heavy based pot, put the ghee and ½ cup milk to boil
  2. Wash the rice and add to the boiling milk, lower the heat and allow the rice to cook for about 10-15 minutes
  3. Add the ideal milk, condense milk, saffron, cardamom, flaked almonds and  half the amount of pistachios
  4. Allow the above mixture to simmer on low heat for a further 10-15minutes, more sugar can be added as per your taste
  5. Remove from heat and  allow it to rest for a few minutes
  6. Serve warm or cold in dessert bowls garnished with sliced pistachios, coloured slivered almonds, a delicate sprinkling of cardamom and edible glitter








Comments: 4

  • lifeisazoobiscuit


    Thanks for this great recipe – will i get the cardamom powder from Atlas in Cape Town?

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods By Usha Singh


      Hi Anel, i am sure you will, however if you do not just take whole cardamom pods and grind in a coffee grinder the aroma is fantastic.

  • Janice Tripepi


    Yummm … I am suuuch a lover of rice pudding! I can remember my mum cooking the english version which was not nearly as exciting as this! Again, Italy has a version called Budino – which Nonna would make at New Year – filled with glacee fruit and nuts. I shall have to try and find her recipe and make it for you to see. Beautiful recipe – I am such an elachi fan! xxxxx

    • 15/10/2012

      Hi Jan, i have to admit i do not like rice pudding however the rest of the family really enjoy this. It is amazing how each cultures food somehow has a resemblance to the other. Elachi is a wonderful calming spice

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