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Johannesburg Cookie Swap 2014

Loads of excitement-last minute changes and etc.-but it all turned out to be a great event for the few loyal supporters who turned up for the Joburg event. Loads of fun was had by all, mouth-watering cookies were chomped, delicious cookie and chocolate drinks were downed, lucky draws were picked and loads of items were auctioned and a fair amount of money was raised by the few guests who arrived. Thank you to all those who helped and participated in the Joburg event and huge thank you to Ishay for starting this initiative, and hopefully the Joburg event will grow.


For me the few days preceding the event and the weekend of the event were busy-busy-busy—the “good food & wine” show was on – I attended the Thursday event to meet some of my “foodie friends” and then attended the Friday event-because I was taking part in a mystery box cook off at the Goldcrest Stand, and then I was busy organizing the “the new house prayers/blessing” ceremony of my sons new home which was held on the Sunday – so as you can see it was a jam packed week

I had no idea what kind of biscuits to make for the “cookie swap” then to make my life simple and cope with all the other activities going on around me I decided to take my basic biscuit dough and jazz it up a bit – so for the first batch I added coffee and then once it was baked I drizzled some dark chocolate over them—but then (as my son says), I am never satisfied until I showcase my “Indianess”.

So here is where my “Chai Spice Biscuits” were born—I added some chai spice to the second batch of dough and even if I say so myself—these “chai spice” biscuits were such a hit – everyone at the cookie swap enjoyed them and the batch that I kept for tea for the prayers the next day were a hit among’st the family as well-so my “Indianess” created another hit for me

Chai Spice Biscuits

250 g butter

185ml icing sugar

12ml chai spice


3ml cinnamon

3ml nutmeg

3ml cardamom

3ml ginger powder

60ml maziena

60ml rice flour

500ml sifted cake flour (approximate)


  1. Beat butter, icing sugar and spices, till light and fluffy
  2. Add sifted rice flour and maziena and mix well before adding enough cake flour to form a fairly soft and smooth dough
  3. Roll out the dough and cut into desired shapes and bake at 180 for about 15minutes
  4. Once baked remove from oven and sift over some icing sugar while still warm
  5. These biscuits can be adapted and decorated as per your choice


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