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Informative Info About Kiwi Fruit

I have been chosen alongside some amazingly talented bloggers for the ZESPRI KIWI FRUIT 14-DAY DAILY SCOOP OF AMAZING CHALLENGE, and today is day 3. Each day comes with its own challenge, however what I have learnt from the challenges thus far and the information material that was supplied to us, is that how totally ignorant I was to the value of this amazing fruit. On my shopping rounds I always bought Kiwis, and only because I liked the taste, to add variety to our fruit intake and note to mention the lovely colour it has and the wonderful spiral look of it when it is sliced into rings.

Over the past 2-3 days I have been researching KIWI FRUIT and all of its health benefits, and nutritional content and I have been totally blown away by this amazing furry, fuzzy, slimy fruit. It is one of the most nutritious fruits, it can be used as a beauty product, and instead of just using it as a garnish for your meat portions at mealtimes, why not puree it-spice it and use it as your tenderiser for your meats. For future shopping sprees—KIWIS are going to be in my trolley not for its looks but for its amazing health benefits. I am including a few links that you could peruse, so that you are just as blown away as I am by the KIWIS health benefits



I have not been paid to write this article, I have written it of my own accord because I am totally blown away by its health benefits. I was given 28 Kiwis for the 14 day challenge.

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