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Herby, Tasty & Tangy Crackers-Vegan & Gluten Free

My spicey, herby and tangy crackers that are vegan and gluten-free – and “Guilt-Free”. Lockdown regulations the weather and everything else calls for an unlimited supply of snacks and we all want to ensure we are eating healthy – so our snacks should be “healthy” as well – And this is the inspiration behind this creation of mine – I- myself am over the moon with it – and “no socialising” means my most important “no filter” tasters (my sons) have not tried it yet. But I am confident it is a hit – even if it does not, please their tastebuds – now everything is never a winner for them.

I have halved the recipe and tried it with different flavour combinations, and they all worked well – I did not use a garlic flavour combination – I do not like the taste or smell of garlic. The coriander seeds plus finely chopped coriander leaves and green chillies worked well, an orange and black pepper worked well – omitted all the spices – just added orange rind, crushed black pepper and orange juice. Play around with the flavour combinations to suit your palette – and enjoy healthy, guilt-free snacks.


Herby, Tasty, Tangy Crackers

100ml soya flour

100ml chickpea flour

50ml rice flour

3ml dried & crushed curry leaves

5ml salt

5ml chilli flakes

3ml crushed cumin

3ml lemon rind (optional)

50ml vegan butter (Cold)

20ml lemon juice

50ml warm water

5ml vegetable oil


  • Add all the dry ingredients to a mixing bowl and stir well – ensuring everything is well mixed
  • Then finely grate the vegan butter into the dry ingredients and mix well using your fingertips to form a bread crumb texture
  • Pour the lemon juice into the mixture and mix – then slowly add a little bit of water at a time to make a stiff – but pliable dough
  • Knead well for everything to come together – then take the oil and rub over the dough and allow to rest for 10-15minutes
  • Divide into 2 pieces – roll and cut into desired shapes and bake at 180 for about 12-15 minutes – remove from heat and allow to cool before storing or snacking
  • This recipe can be used for any flavoured crackers – just change out the spices – like use garlic flakes and dried basil instead of cumin & curry leaves – you could play around with the flavours to suit your taste buds


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