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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Hi I am Usha, single mother to two amazing young men. I have a passion for cooking, experimenting with recipes, entertaining and taking care of my family. I have no formal training, but I have gained vast knowledge from reading, being observant when others cook and from watching my late grandmother prepare the most amazing meals.

I aways wanted this passion of mine to be my “choice of occupation” however circumstances forced me to take a 9 to 5 office based job for many years and now I am fortunate in that my sons have given me the oppurtunity to persue my passion and hence the start of this blog and my catering business. 

I do hope you enjoy the posts on my blog and I would love to assist you with any queries/requests that you may have pertaining to “Healthy Vegetarian Foods”

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  • Zabwan


    Hello & welcome! Looking forward to your recipes…

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