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For some odd reason & yes i cannot pin point it i have not posted a blog for a good few weeks, however i have been busy with odd bits and bobs, catching up with old and new friends-I met our very own Inspirational Foodie Tandy Sinclair & what a pleasure it was to meet her and learn so much about blogging & etc. Tandy gave me a wonderful bottle of vanilla and lavender sugar that she bottled herself. 

Over the Womans Day weekend we had a huge (65 guests) family get together-yes my sister has a holiday house at Pecanwood and she invites the whole extended family for this weekend on a yearly basis & she really goes all out. Most of the guests stayed over from Friday till Tuesday, I am not going to go into all of the details of the weekend, but needless to say it stems from a very sgnificant day in the Hindu Calendar–RAKSHA BANDHAN which is the day all sisters tie a sacred string (RAKHEE) on their brothers wrist, asking the lord to always protect and guide him and in return the brother gives the sister a token gift. This year the date year marked for Raksha Bandhan was the 13/08/2011, but for convenience we celebrated it over the long weekend so that all my cousins from Durban and Cape Town could come. I have no brothers so we sisters usually tie  for our cousins.

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  • Sous-Chef


    That is a huge crowd to feed! how on earth did you do it?

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    We had 65 for lunch on Saturday but the rest of the days we had about 45. We had one meal per day catered, but we had to heat and serve–so we spent the weekend in the kitchen–lots of paper plates & cups. She had also hired 3 other houses on the estate to accommodate all of the guests–i cannot explain how we managed–but we did and we always do. Have a great week further.

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