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Gujarati Kadhi

For all those reading this and have no clue what “KADHI” is—it is simply a yoghurt based gravy dish that is thickened with chick pea flour and tempered and then simmered with some exotic Indian spices. Kadhi! – Every region in India has their own way of preparing kadhi – you get Punjabi kadhi, Rajasthani kadhi, Mahrashran kadhi and Gujarati kadhi. Kadhi is a really unusual combination of ingredients and flavors – but then like all other Indian dishes – it packs in immense flavor and more often than not has nutritional benefits as well. Kadhi!-This very traditional Gujarati dish-is prepared with a clever combination of spices, yoghurt/sour milk/buttermilk and chick pea flour. Gujarati kadhi is one of the best recipes of Gujarati cuisine and the authentic recipe is a combination of flavours, spices and etc. put together centuries ago by someone with a vast knowledge of cooking with Gujarati spices. The Gujarati kadhi uses less chick pea flour, a careful blend of spices and the trade mark sweet and sour taste with a relatively thinner consistency compared to its counterparts from around the country. In Uttar Pradesh pakoras, or vegetarian koftas (made with a mixture of minced beans lentils), or a variety suitable steamed veggies are also sometimes added to the kadhi-to enhance the already flavorful kadhi and it is generally served with rice or roti. For me the Gujarati Kadhi is at its very best when served with Kichdi (rice (only basmati) cooked with split green lentils) and alloo (potato) fry. Kadhi and Kichdi is a very popular combination of amongst the villagers of Gujarat and I can assure you this humble meal and its flavors will tantalize your taste buds.

This tantalizing meal can be ready to eat within 20-25 minutes—YIP! A good wholesome, nutritious and tantalizing Gujarati meal ready on the dinner table within 25 minutes—Go ahead try it

Gujarati Kadhi

 Kadhi Ingredients

 45ml chick pea flour

500ml yoghurt

150ml water

3-4 curry leaves

30ml fresh coriander

7ml ginger (minced)

1 green chili

30ml sugar

5ml lemon juice

7ml salt (adjust to taste)

Tempering Spices

 10ml ghee/clarified butter

2ml cumin seeds (jeera)

2ml mustard seeds (rai/sarson)

2ml fenugreek seeds (methi)

2-3 cloves (lavang)

3cm piece cinnamon (taj/dal chini)

2ml asafoetida (hing)

2-3 curry leaves

1 dry red chili (optional)

30ml finely chopped coriander (garnish)


  • Using a whisk or hand held blender and a deep bowl-combine chick pea flour, yoghurt, water, curry leaves and fresh coriander till you get a smooth consistency
  • To this mixture add the minced ginger, green chilli, sugar, lemon juice and salt to taste
  • For the tempering (tarka/vagaar) process – heat ghee in a medium size deep pot and add  the seed spices
  • Once the seeds crackle add the asafoetida (hing), curry leaves, chilli and stir for a few seconds
  • While the above mixture is still on the stove, very slowly and carefully pour in your yoghurt mixture
  • Allow this to come to a boil while continuing to stir and remove from heat
  • Voila your kadhi is ready to be garnished with the chopped coriander and served with steaming Kichdi or basmati rice and some delectable alloo (potato)fry


Comments: 8

  • 18/06/2014

    Love the spices in this Usha 🙂

    • 18/06/2014

      Thanks Tandy, it really is a wonderfully flavored dish

  • 18/06/2014

    Very interesting (as always)!

  • 09/07/2014

    Hi Usha,
    Just got back after a vacation to India. While I was there I feasted on a Gujrati thali. Yummy! One of my favorites is this kadhi with some khichdi. Will try your recipe! looks amazing!

    • 14/07/2014

      oh i envy you– i just love my vacations and food in india

  • Additya Surve


    I love gujarati food.
    I make kadhi and khichdi like 2 to 3 times in month.

    • 09/05/2017

      thank you for visiting my site – i am born & brought up “Gujju”so this food is ingrained in me. Oh yes kadhi, khicdi and alloo fry – match made in heaven and ultimate comfort food

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