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Green Beans For All Seasons

Green Beans –  A veg that is available all year long but not given the necessary “Stage space” it so deserves – it can be cooked/prepared in several ways and each time it will provide a new taste sensation. The “fine green beans” is such a treat to eat and prepare – I am very fond of green beans and cook it often in many ways using a variety of spices – and each time it feels like I am eating completely different veg.

This version of green beans – was created by me – simply because I totally love the warm comforting taste of roasted and crushed cumin seeds paired with fresh green beans and some baby potatoes –  ie. a carb + free veg dish with the warm and comforting flavors – a dish that can be enjoyed on its own, as a salad with some yogurt (during warmer weather) – or with some fresh roti and you are in “food heaven” – I literally had it for lunch with fresh roti and then again for dinner all on its own

“Fine Green Beans” is a regular on my shopping list – if not fine then any green beans will do and once you have tried it – I am sure it will be a regular on your list – “please note fresh green beans – no frozen version”, does justice to the taste of fresh green beans.

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Green Beans & Potatoes 

10ml cooking oil

10ml cumin seeds (roughly crushed)

500ml chopped/sliced green beans

2-3 baby potatoes chopped into 4 pieces each

10ml sesame seeds (optional)

2 fresh chilies chopped finely

150ml water

5ml salt

2-3 slices fresh lemon (optional)

5ml lemon juice (optional


  • Heat oil in a shallow pan/kadhai/wok, add the cumin seeds and allow this to cook for a few seconds
  • Add the green beans, chopped baby potatoes, sesame seeds, chilies, and lower the heat – stir well and cover pan
  • Add water (as needed) – allow this to cook till potatoes are tender
  • Turn the heat off and season with salt and lemon juice and place lemon slices on top – cover the pan and allow the flavors to blend
  • Serve hot with roti’s or even a good slice of your favorite simple bread



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