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Diwali Lunch Menu-2013

Somehow blogging took a back seat amongst preparations for Diwali this year-I am not sure why and how, but it had been a rush to get this done and get that done-well I could go on trying to find excuses–but like my son says they are excuses and I need to work past them-I will try for future. Today I am sharing a typical Gujrati Diwali Lunch Menu, this menu was first published on the Food24 website in celebration and honouring the hindu festival of “DIWALI”. Click here to be taken to Food24 website:-

Diwali is an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar, and it is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil, and generally celebrated over a period of 5 days, each day having its own significance and traditions.


On Diwali day most households have a special lunch, and this is done so that guests can return home in time to light the diyas. The lunch prepared on Diwali day is quite simple and nutritious, and this is done so that one can partake of all the other rich savoury and sweet dishes that are specific to Diwali celebrations.  As much as people make Diwali out to be mostly about food, it really is all about triumph of light over darkness and it is the time to give thanks and forgiveness. The lighting of a diya is a symbol of bringing brightness into one’s life and for one to choose the path of righteousness in life.

Diwali Picnic 1

Diwali 2013 Lunch Menu

Carrot Halwa

Bhajia/Chilli bites

 Split Green Mung Beans

Alloo/Potato Fry








Click on the various dishes of the menu and you will be taken to the relevant recipes. Recipes for Carrot Halwa, Bhajias and Kadhi will be posted soon or you can find the recipe on The Food24 website.

Diwali Picnic 1

  • Every special Indian meal is started of with a sweet my choice was carrot halwa
  • Next a little savoury treat – bhajia, is served on its own or with some chutneys
  • Then you have the meal which is normally your lentils-green mung beans and vegetables-potato fry and bhindi and you would eat this with your roti and some papad
  • And then if you feel like a little more you have rice and kadhi and to this you can add some pickles
  • To round it all of you have a little bit of a cooling dessert-Shrikand


As you would note the meal is kept simple yet it packed with amazing flavour, allowing you indulge in all of the other rich mithais (sweet meats), without feeling to guilty. Diwali is a time to share, be happy, make merry and reflect on the good, and in observing all of this we also have to ensure that we take care of our health—“everything in moderation and you are a winner.”

Shubh Diwali aur Saal Mubarak (Happy Diwali and all the very best for the New Year)

Diwali lunch for our family princess was served under the tree as a picnic-the pictures will tell you how much fun they had




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  • Annette


    Hi Usha,

    I am Afrikaans, but enjoy reading your blog. Please help, we were at a Hindu Wedding last Saturday and they served Sorgi (Do I pronounced) it correctly? Do you have a recipe for this. It was delicious!!! Would love to make it for our Christmas festival.

    Thank you.

    • 27/11/2013

      Thanka Annette, and i am so glad you sent another message, i did your message on my phone, but when i came to my blog it was not there. I am going to check if i have one on my website, if not i will send you a recipe

    • 27/11/2013

      Hi Annette

      I just looked i do not have it on my blog, but if you forward your email address i will send to you ASAP

  • Flee


    Oh Usha
    That spread looks to die for. I ave been given some poppadoms and naan by a friend so will def try something inspired by this for dinner tonight. Yummy.
    PS, Your young princesses are absolutely beautiful, a real treasure.

    • 28/11/2013

      Thanks Halima, the princess are our treasures & they bring joy to us all

  • Vanitha Pillay


    Hi Usha,

    Mala’s & the family “Princesses” are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous just like their beautiful mum. They are sooo cute and soooooooooo precious. Enjoy them. As for your Diwali spread, it looks so delicious, especially the burfee, chana magaj, etc. I wish I was there too. Please give the adorable “Princesses” a big hug from their Vanitha masi in Perth. Lots of love to you and all the family too. Vanitha

    • 28/11/2013

      Hi Vanitha

      Thanks for visisting my site–yes they are gorgeous and bring so much joy to all of us as well. As they grow so is their mouth–they have 3 amazing big brothers who teach them all the naughty stuff–but you cant imagine the joy they bring to all of us. They have a date wiht their Sudheer Bhai every Friday for coffee–they have ice cream & he coffee–he has to take the 2 of them out every Friday when he goes to visit and then the 3 of them cook supper (pasta & pesto) and then they have supper. Love to you & Sagren

  • Annette


    Thanks very much Usha, my email address –

    Really appreciate!

  • 28/11/2013

    Life should always come before blogging! Hope you had a wonderful Diwali 🙂

    • 28/11/2013

      Thanks Tandy, and i totally agree–yes i had wonderful Diwali

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