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Diwali 2014

Yes Diwali 2014, Christmas 2014 and 1 January 2015 have come and gone, but I am still here and seeing as for some reason during 2014 I lost my “mojo” and time. Not sure the of the details and “whys & why nots”.

Nonetheless, I am trying to get back into the swing of things, and as the age old saying goes – “better late than never”, so here goes my post on Diwali 2014 which should have been posted just after Diwali in October 2014.

Diwali 2014

For the first time in I am not sure how long – I did not go crazy preparing “Diwali Goodies”, I can’t put my finger on exactly why or how, but I have been feeling mentally, physically and emotionally drained and exhausted. I did make a few goodies and one of them was something that I tried for the “Cookie Swop” in August – “Chai Spice Biscuits”

Diwali 2014 – I had lots to be thankful for – I welcomed my first grandchild in 2014– my younger son bought a house and all are doing well. Diwali day itself turned out to be extra special as I got to celebrate it with my precious granddaughter, sons and daughter in law, and then with the rest of my family.

My previous posts on Diwali have always contained information on the significance and etc. of Diwali – so for Diwali 2014 I thought I would share with you a tale of Diwali Activities in Pictures, all of these pictures have been sourced from the internet.


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  • 26/02/2015

    Hope you had a lovely Diwali! Happy New Year!

  • 14/04/2015

    I hope you are starting to feel more relaxed and less tired by now Usha!

    • 20/04/2015

      Thanks Tandy, getting there slowly, however the medication that i take for my rhumotoid athritis does not help my cause.

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