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Curry Leaf & Onion Pulao

This, tasty, tangy recipe was born/created by a “Lack of Concentration” while cooking!!!!. Last week I as busy preparing dinner and menu was cauliflower, rice, and dhal—the dhall was cooked earlier in a pressure cooker, but I wanted to cook the cauliflower just before dinner and at the last minute I decided to cook some basmati rice as well.

I had 2 plates switched on, and one was a frying pan for the cauliflower and on the other was a saucepan for the rice. All was going well thus far—onions cooking in the pan for cauliflower and water in the pot for rice, at this stage all is going and well and I know what I am doing—curry leaves and etc go into the onion—and now all I need to do is add the cauliflower to the onion mixture and turn the heat of and add the rice to the water and lower the heat – but that phone rings and yes it is in the lounge—I go to fetch the phone and in my 1 hand is the washed rice—I answer the phone—it is my son and I am busy chatting to him and I place the washed rice into the onion mixture and my washed cauliflower into the water—and here is how and where my Curry Leave & Onion Pulao was created. At the time of cooking I never thought I will be sharing this recipe on my blog — but after the taste test and dinner very little of the rice was left the next day and that is when I decided this recipe and tale needed to be shared with you.


Curry Leaf Rice 2

Curry Leaf & Onion Pulao

10ml oil

65ml chopped onions

1 green/red chilli

5-6 fresh curry leaves

30 ml dried curry leaves

2.5ml crushed cumin seeds

125ml washed basmati rice

250ml water (approximate)

2.5ml salt

2.5ml lemon juice


  1. Heat oil in a large frying pan, add onion and cook till they are slightly browned
  2. Add the chilli, curry leaves and crushed cumin and allow the aroma to arise
  3. Add the washed basmati rice, and about 100ml water – bring to a boil before lowering the heat
  4. Keep adding a little water till the rice is cooked—tender
  5. Serve hot accompanied by a vegetable curry or any meat dish of your choice


Curry Leaf Rice 1

Comments: 4

  • 14/07/2013

    Many great recipes happened by mistake! Thanks for sharing this, Usha!

  • 15/07/2013

    Sometimes the best dishes are created by mistake 🙂

    • 16/07/2013

      well it sure happened with this one–cant say the same for the cauliflower–that was a disaster

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