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Countdown To Diwali 2012

Countdown to Diwali 2012, it is that time of the year again, Hindu homes are buzzing in preparation for Diwali which is just FIVE days away. With Diwali comes a number of rituals and traditions, I am going to try and bring the process to you day by day. As Diwali is all about cleansing ones soul and home, our homes have been given a through “spring clean” and where necessary painted and redecorated.  All of the “cleaning & cleansing” done, it is time to tackle the “cooking and baking”.  Before anything is prepared, we offer prayers to God to guide us through this process and ensure that all preparations go without any calamaties. When starting the cooking and baking process one should always start with a sweet dish, to ensure your preparations start on a sweet note and carry on smoothly. Each dish you cook or bake should first be offered to the “lord” for blessing and then the family can partake in tasting and enjoying them. My cooking and baking process starts today, so watch this space for daily updates on how my preparations are progressing.



All the necessary ingredients for the cooking and baking process ready, now all I need to do is decide what I am making and start COOKING & BAKING.







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  • 07/11/2012

    I love the reasoning behind starting with a sweet dish. I usually always start with dessert as well when I am cooking a three course meal 🙂

    • 07/11/2012

      Thanks Tandy, i am getting busy with my preparations for Diwali

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