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Cocoa & Dates Easter Eggs

As Easter was approaching, I spoke to my elder son and told him I would like to organise a little Easter egg hunt for my little granddaughter and he very promptly replied “you know she is not allowed to eat all that store bought sweets and chocolates and crap.”

So I had my work cut out for me – if I wanted to do that for her – I needed to come up with some ingenious idea – “to create an Easter egg without chocolate and sugar”. I thought about the date and fig balls I make for Diwali and decided to tweak that so that I could use that as my base to create something with a chocolate taste, and that is how these “date ball Easter Eggs were born”

My precious granddaughter enjoyed her Easter Egg hunt and the little healthy Easter Eggs that granny made for her – the joy on her face was “priceless”, and this granny is going to be busy trying to create healthy treats for her little princesses

Cocoa &Dates Easter Eggs

500 ml cooked dates

25 ml coconut oil

5 ml melted butter/ghee

75 ml ground mix nuts (almonds, pecans)

75 ml ground flax, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

75 ml desiccated coconut

25 ml cocoa powder

25 ml cocoa powder (for garnish)


  • Take the cooked and cooled dates and place in a food processor and process on low speed
  • Ensure that the feed tube to the processor is open and slowly add in all of the ingredients one at a time ensuring that the processor is running on low speed
  • Remove the mixture from the processor bowl and place in a large mixing bowl and grease hands before handling
  • Break of little bits of mixture and shape into eggs and roll in cocoa and place on baking sheets allowing them to dry over night
  • Using confectioners paper/chocolate wrapping paper – wrap these little morsels of healthy and tasty goodness to appear as store bought eggs



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