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Chana Masala

Translated into English it is spiced/curried chick peas. This dish is a very popular in North India, where is made with the addition of fresh cream and more often than not it is served with naan bread, howver the gujerathi community have adapted it to be less rich and we serve it with puris. As most of the gujerathi commnity are vegetarians, we need to include lentils, beans and etc in our daily meals, and thus the necessasity of adapting the recipe to be a bit healthier. I made this dish yesterday for a client that ordered a tradional vegetarian meal for 4people. This dish and curried green beans & potatoes where part of the main meal.



500ml cooked/canned chick-peas

100ml chopped tomatoes

250ml chopped spinach

65ml chopped onion

10ml cooking oil

5ml mustard seeds

5ml cumin powder

5ml coriander powder

5ml ginger & garlic paste

3ml chilli powder

1 green/red chilli finely chopped 

7ml salt

15ml lemon juice

40ml chopped coriander



  1. Heat oil in a medium size pot and add the onion and allow to brown
  2. Add the ginger/garlic paste and mustard seeds – stir and reduce heat
  3. Add the powder spices, stir well and add the tomatoes, spinach and chick-peas
  4. Allow to cook for about 15min, stirring occasionally, season with salt and lemon juice
  5. Garnish with the chopped coriander and serve with basmati rice or puri (Indian fried bread) or just on its own in a little bowl with an added squeeze of lemon.





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  • janicetripepi


    Oooooh Usha – this must be devine. I am a fan of chick peas – gonna make this for meatfree monday for sure. thanks for your recipe xxxx have a great day xxx jan

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Thanks Jan. Yes it is a nice dish for our winter days I have a number of chick pea recipes, which i will post. But should you want something specific, just drop me a line and i will try to help. Have a wonderful day.

  • mitzireddy


    This looks lovely – I enjoy chick peas and have not eaten it cooked with spinach. Will try it soon. Thanks, Usha.

  • tandy.sinclair


    perfect for meatless Mondays 🙂

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Hi Mitzi,thanks– i try to add as much vegetables as possible to my dishes, & so far it has not let me down. Very often i just put some in a bowl heat & eat it on its own.

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Yes & for me every day is meatless!!

  • pinkpolkadot


    This looks sooooo delicious!!

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    thank you

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