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Cabbage & Carrot Warm Salad

“Coleslaw” originated during the 18th century and it is actually a miss-pronunciation of the Dutch word “koolsa” – which literally means cabbage salad. “Coleslaw” todays name and recipe is fairly new – because mayonnaise was only invented during the mid-18th century.

As with time comes change and so does recipes and its list of ingredients – raw cabbage is one of the only consistent ingredients in a “coleslaw”, however there are now various types of cabbage (so that also is not entirely consistent). Carrots, peppers, pineapples and etc. are now also added to a “coleslaw” and then the types of dressings vary – vinegar, mayonnaise and even sour cream based dressings are used. I am not going to go any further into the tried and tested “coleslaw” that is widely known and a staple at salad bars.

I am going to tell you about the “Gujju” “sambharo” which is a traditional warm salad of some sort – where the vegetables are lightly stir fried to retain their crunch but enhance their flavours. The “cabbage and carrot sambharo” is my take and replacement for a traditional coleslaw – this “sambharo” is full of flavour, texture, colour and all the goodness of being totally “vegan”. It is a tasty, refreshing and healthy accompaniment that can be prepared in just a few minutes – never over cook the veggies – eat it freshly prepared – so that you benefit from its amazing taste, texture and flavour – yes it can be made and stored in the refrigerator – however it just never tastes the same.

Go on – give it a try and I promise you – it will become your staple at the braai salad bar

Cabbage & Carrots

20ml cooking oil

3-4 curry leaves

1 dry chillies & 1 green chillies

3ml mustard seeds

3ml crushed mustard seeds

10ml sesame seeds

250ml shredded cabbage

125ml grated carrots

5ml salt

2ml sugar

10ml lemon juice

5ml sesame seeds to garnish


  • Heat oil in a heavy based pan, wok or kadai, add curry leaves, chillies and mustard seeds + crushed mustard seeds (place a few seeds in a pestle and mortar and crush) and allow to splutter
  • Add the sesame seeds and the shredded cabbage and grated carrots lower heat – allow the cabbage and carrots to cook for about 2-3 minutes (you literally just want the raw taste of cabbage to go)
  • Season with salt, sugar and lemon juice and mix well before removing from heat
  • Garnish with sesame seeds and serve as a side dish, as a refreshing coleslaw or any way you want to – but do serve it
  • It tastes amazing as filling for a sandwich – as a filling for a roti – stuffed in some whole wheat pita bread, &, &, &, & – the list just goes on


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