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Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Black Eyed Beans

I am trying to ensure that i post recipes of a variety of dishes, and at the moment i am not cooking a huge variety because my son is on a diet that has stumped me. Anyways i have been tierd of eating his choices and i made some of these black eyed beans for myself, and needless to mention i throughly enjoyed them & decided that i will cook lentils for myself on a regular basis.

Black Eyed Beans ( Cow Peas)

250ml boiled black eyed beans or canned

20ml cooking oil

2-3 pieces cinnamon sticks

2-3 curry leaves

65ml chopped onion

5ml chilli powder

10 ml crushed cumin

10ml coriander powder

2ml cinnamon

2ml turmeric

5ml ginger & garlic paste

100ml grated tomatoes

75ml grated butternut

75ml grated carrots

7ml salt

10ml lemon juice

75ml chopped coriander




  1. Place oil in a heavy based pot on medium heat, add the cinnamon sticks, and curry leaves and allow to splutter
  2. Now add the onions and allow to brown—add the powder spices, ginger/garlic paste, tomatoes, butternut and carrots
  3. Allow the tomato mixture to cook for about 10min or until the carrots, butternut and tomatoes are well cooked
  4. Add the beans, season with salt and lemon juice and allow to simmer for about 15 minutes
  5. Garnish with chopped coriander serve hot with roti or basmati rice.





Comments: 12

  • Zabwan


    Oh, that looks delicous – I am a bean fanatic, love them all!! What diet has your son been on??

  • Sous-Chef


    I like your idea of grating the butternut & carrots, I must remember that. Have a good week.

  • Kitchengirl


    Looks dah-vine 🙂

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Thank you!

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Thanks Sue–it is a good way of ensuring that you get a nice and thick gravy and also getting a little extra vegetables in ones diet

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    I grew up eating lots of beans & veggies–that is a staple diet for vegetarians of the Gujerathi Community. Well my son is 29 years old & his passion is cycling & he is a vegetarian-but now he had decided no more beans or lentils and he is not to found of a lot of the vegetables–so i do not know what to prepare but i assure you i do prepare something for him everyday

  • mitzireddy


    Looks delicious, Usha – very interesting with the addition of carrots and butternut.The tolerance of mothers lol. Enjoy your week, Usha.

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Thanks Mitzi–yes what we mothers have to go through and then again we would not trade that for anything in the world. Enjoy your week further. Will you be fasting soon??

  • edwinacottino


    Fabulous! So nice to have found you. This is a perfect recipe for my allergic son and his mother…Thanks

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Thanks & hope you enjoy it and please feel free to mail me if you need any other recipes

  • Freshly-Ground


    I like the butternut added to this, your blog is just so special and I’m amazed with your endless meat free entries, don’t stop!

  • HealthyVegetarianFoods


    Thanks Max, and yes the butternut gives the usual curry taste a very nice twist. I will only be posting vegetarian recipes as i am a total vegetarian-never ate or cooked any meat, fish or chicken. My baking is also all egg-less. Have a wonderful weekend

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