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Black Eyed Bean Curry

I am mostly cooking for myself – and I am trying to find new combinations – as I am also trying to keep away from wheat dishes.

I had a tiny bit (200ml) of dry black eyed beans which I decided I need to finish (tying to finish all of my bits of lentils, pulses beans – before I make my quarterly visit to the grocery store to replenish my stocks of gluten free flours and etc.

Hence the creation of this simple – but flavorful “black eyed bean curry”, and served with a side of stir fried potatoes and some salad – very comforting, filling and no wheat – just good wholesomeness and nourishment on a plate

Black Eyed Bean Curry (serves 4)

15ml oil

7ml roasted & ground coriander seeds

5ml chopped chilli

100ml finely chopped onion

7ml salt

50ml chopped coriander stalks

100ml finely chopped spinach

125ml finely chopped tomatoes

1 can washed and drained beans (or 250 ml conventionally cooked beans)

5ml lemon juice

20ml chopped coriander (for Garnish)


  • Heat oil in a medium size pan & add the coriander seeds – allow to snap, crackle & pop – before adding chilli, onion & coriander stalks
  • Sprinkle salt over the onion and allow the onion to turn golden brown – before adding spinach & tomatoes – allow t cook till tomatoes dissolve & all liquid evaporates
  • Toss in the black eyed beans and mix well & allow to cook for about 5-8minutes, before seasoning with lemon juice & more salt & chilli if required
  • Garnish with fresh coriander & serve with roti, rice, potatoes or on its own


20ml oil

50ml finely chopped coriander seeds

50ml finely chopped coriander stalks

250ml boiled & chopped potatoes

5ml ground black pepper

2ml salt

5ml lemon juice


  • Heat oil in same pan as you cooked beans
  • Add in the coriander stalks & cook well before adding the chopped potatoes
  • Toss well & season with pepper, more salt & lemon juice if needed
  • NB: Meal on a plate – serve black eyed beans, potatoes & some green salad – you will have a great tasting nutritionally balanced meal on your plate

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