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And The Winner of Reza’s Indian Spice Recipe Book Is!!!!

I was overwhelmed and grateful by the number of entries I received for the competition; I never thought so many people even looked at my blog posts.

Lots of Mail

All the entries received had the correct answer, so I numbered each entry and had my son pick a number and that is how we chose the winner.

Lucky Draw


I wish I had books to give each entrant, however I will ensure that each entrant gets a sachet of my very own spice blend and a recipe card to go with the relevant spice blend.


Yes I know – it is nowhere near winning Reza’s book, however it is a small gesture, to say ‘thank you’ from me to you.


Colleen Grove


Your Gift Is On It’s Way


Happy Cooking Colleen!!!!


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  • Bilkis


    Congrats to the winner!love the way u wrote this blog Usha!colorful.

    • 12/06/2013

      Thank you ver much–did you enter the competition??

  • Flee


    Oh Wow, congrats to Colleen, (a little green with envy lol), and thank you again Usha for the marvelous opportunity to enter your competition. Love your blog, and Just FYI will be making your Makhnee “gravy”, with a little Paneer I will be conjuring up tonight. Nummies, thanks for the inspiration.

    • 12/06/2013

      Thank you Flee 🙂 Enjoy the spices that you will get from Usha. I can tell you that they are fabulous having been fortunate enough to have used them before 🙂 xx

      • 12/06/2013

        Glad you enjoyed the spice that i gave you laaaaaassssssssssssssttttttt yeat–thing it is time for a new lot

      • Flee


        Pleasure Colleen, Let us know what you make.
        Have told Usah I’m eagerly awaiting the spices, can not wait to try something new and exciting. Have a super awesome day

    • 12/06/2013

      Thanks so much–all your wonderful compliments–have just made my day, month, year. You recipe card and spices will be on its way to you ASAP

  • 12/06/2013

    WHOOHOO!!! I am beside myself with excitement. This will be my first book by Reza and I cannot wait for that huge red delivery truck to pull up at my door haha! Thank you SO much Usha and thank you to your son for pulling my number out of that beautiful glass bowl. Looking forward 🙂 xxxxx

    • 12/06/2013

      I love the book–the cover alone is so beautiful. Enjoy

  • 12/06/2013

    PS……I LOVE your blog and I know many others do too! I am glad you know now too 😉

    • 12/06/2013

      Thanks Colleen, and appreciate your support.

  • 26/06/2013

    Love your site and the recipes shared.

    • 30/06/2013

      Thank you very much for visiting

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