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About Me

I am a full time mother of two super special boys (or young men should I say), Bhulesh and Sudheer. I am defined by the quality of my relationships with others. We, together with the rest of my immediate family, have traversed through many of life’s journeys, developing strong family bonds with each other, which has made life incredibly joyous and meaningful. They are very much a part of this blog, and the reason I am able to share my time, passion and recipes with each one of you.

My interest in food began at a young age, growing up in a home which was like the ‘food hub’ amongst family and friends. Every meal was prepared as if it were a celebration, regularly shared with 10-12 people, as we never knew who would pop by for breakfast, lunch or supper.

My Dad and Grandad were  connoisseurs or ‘expert tasters’ when it came to food, so we always had to make and have the very best of the best.

My curiosity in the kitchen always got the better of me, slowly developing my passion for Indian vegetarian cooking. Although I didnt have any formal training, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to observe my Grandmum and other family members prepare the most incredible meals.

After doing my time in a 9-5 day job for a number of years, the universe ‘spiced up’ my life, allowing me to pursue this dream occupation to share my passion and recipes on a full time basis. Thanks to the support and encouragement of the special people in my life. In particular my sons and daughter-in-law.

In 2011, my blog ‘Healthy Vegetarian Foods’ was born on the website, and in August 2012, I was encouraged to start my own blog website, which is how Healthy Vegetarian Foods began.

Over the years I have developed my own style of cooking and adapting a number of old family recipes to suit our dietary requirements and our ‘Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle’.

Thank you for taking the time to visit – and I sincerely hope you will enjoy some of the sumptuously healthy meals I have to share with you.

PS: For ease of access from computer, or mobile phone, please check out the ‘Recipe Index’ and the ‘Filter By’ food categories on the Home Page which will help you to sift through the posts on this site.

Yours in happy, healthy vegetarian cooking,


Usha Singh