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A Very Happy 2020 To All

And just like that we have arrived at 2020 – every new year starts with all the things you want to do, you want to accomplish, you want to change & etc. – we start of with all the of the best intentions – & then life happens & each of us reacts to “life happens”, in different ways – there is no right or wrong on how to deal with this – you just have to – pick up & deal with it the best you can and hope that one and all understand.

I myself have created a list of a number of things want to do – want to accomplish, want to change & etc. – and yip i am praying as well that I can stick to it – and strike of a minimum of 65% of my list by 31/12/2020.

Happy happy 2020, and may the coming days bring you all that you wish and pray for.

Meals to heal & satisfy
Spices that tantalize & heal

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