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A Photo With A Story

Day 7 and the challenge is all about Family & Sunshine “Sunday is the day for family, friends and loving! Show us through a photo why you love Zespri Kiwi Fruit”, well I did not feel like visiting family or entertaining, but I did play around with a recipe and much later enjoyed my Kiwi creation-Kiwi Sorbet.


Kiwi Sorbet

125ml sugar

200ml water

5-6 kiwis (should get you 375 ml puree)

50ml finely chopped mint

10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

2ml lemon zest

few slices of kiwi + few sprigs of mint (for garnish)


  1. Mix water and sugar in a pot and and bring to a boil on medium heat and allow to cook over low heat for about 5minutes-ensuring to stir occasionally
  2. Remove from heat and place in the refridgerator to cool for 20-25minutes-while you prepare the kiwi mixture
  3. A blender works perfect for this process–place the peeled and chopped kiwis into the blender jug, add the chopped mint, freshly squeezed lemon juice and the lemon zest
  4. Blend the mixture throughly in the blender, before adding the cooled sugar syrup and and blending once more – the consistency of this mixture should be like that of a thick fruit puree
  5. If you find it to thin-puree more fruit and add to the mixture
  6. Pour into a flat bowl that has a cover so that it can be covered and stored in the same container for use later and chill in the freezer–after about every hour, remove from freezer and using a fork mix it throughly and return to the freezer – repeat this process 4–5 times
  7. I am sure if you are using an ice cream machine the process will be much simpler and quicker-i unfortunately do not have an ice cream machine
  8. Remove from freezer and garnish with a few slices of kiwi and sprigs of mint before serving and enjoying


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